Theme Tuesday: “1983”

Trying another idea for a weekly feature- Theme Tuesday! I’ll pick a theme each week and then see what I can find that fits that theme- it might be music, short videos, or whatever; stuff that seems interesting. Maybe you’ll like it too, maybe not; but give it a try and you might find something cool! These posts will be very embed heavy.

Charlie: “Spacer Woman”
An unusual video from the Italo-disco/spacesynth scene of 83. it appears to use footage from René Laloux’s 1973 film “Fantastic Planet”; probably put together well after the fact of both’s release for Youtube.

Star Rider – Williams Electronics
An absolutely wild and beautiful laserdisc game from Williams Electronics. This video is a modified version, stripping off parts of the game’s graphics to show the background animations, which are gorgeous! The original game is literally a race among the stars. I’m pretty sure the music in this video is not the original game music either, but whoever put this together did a great job of finding music that goes well with the footage.

I Robot, Atari Games
A strange, interesting offering from Atari- possibly one of the first 3D videogames, too! Designed by Dave Theurer (of Tempest) this is a funky, surreal game all the way around. Nothing to do with Asimov’s novels, the plot of the game sets you as “Unhappy Interface Robot #1984”, and your task is to destroy Big Brother’s eye and shield. Check out the killer boss head!

Fotostat – “Fotostat”
Shot in Scotland. There was a brief interest in ‘robot dancing’ from about 1978 to 1982, and this is a pretty good example of it; if only our robots today could move half as well without being eerie!

Genesis – “Mama”
Most of you should know this one, but if you ever thought Phil Collins couldn’t be utterly creepy, this video will seriously prove you wrong. Shot in a cool, creepy black and white noir-ambience, check out the ‘psycho killer’ moment at 2:16. It’ll ruin your “Sussudio” image of Phil Collins with baggy pastel pants and a dorky smile forever. It’s also a great song about obsession and lust.

Speaking of Phil Collins, did you know he toured with Robert Plant in 1983 in support of Robert’s solo album “Pictures at Eleven”? Here’s a live recording from Dallas.

Robert Plant and Phil Collins- “Burning Down One Side”

Michael Jackson, Prince and James Brown
They didn’t actually share a stage, but three of the greats of rock in one place, handing off the spotlight to an unyielding backing track that never misses a beat no matter what craziness is going on stage? More, please! This took place at the Beverly Theatre in LA.

Finally, a teaser for next week’s theme-

Spain – Eurovision 1983 – “¿Quién maneja mi barca?”
It received no points and came in at #19, sharing the lowest slot with Turkey’s flamboyantly overbaked song “Opera”. Check out the wonderfully dry English commentator on this video. There is a certain compelling urgency to the song’s instrumentation, however.