Invader Zim and the Damage Done

So. Everything gets its turn to be strapped to the Catherine wheel that is our current pop culture, and now it’s come around to Invader Zim. Again. I’m not surprised a lot of people are taking this as a joke, another cruel tease. Fans of the series have been hearing all kinds of noises about…

The Ages of Animation

The Greeks believed that there were five ‘ages’ of man. Some animation critics have also informally adopted this model of thought. But this is really too simple an analogy.

Theme Tuesday: Apocalyptica

I’m intrigued by apocalyptic literature and dystopian cities. Of course, the feeling that “The End is Near!” isn’t new to any era of civilization, but it’s hard not to look around lately and wonder if the Bad Times are on their way… Here’s some animated videos about the end of the world, our brittle relationships…

Theme Tuesday: Adaptations

This week on Theme Tuesday, adaptations is our theme. Finding unusual combinations of fine artists, poets and authors converted to animated shorts was the goal of this week’s search. This is only a scratch of the surface of all that’s out there, of course! Enjoy ten videos after the cut.